A fast growing market leaves sole player Invisio with huge potential

A fast growing market leaves sole player Invisio with huge potential

As only player in a growing niche market Invisio sees large sales growth potential. There is a growing awareness of costs related to hearing impairments. As Invisio is the the sole producer of a solution which accounts to this as well as advanced communication, this will potentially result in increased interest for Invisio’s products, where sales have been growing at 12 % CAGR 2014-2018, which are also expected to continue growing at 14 % CAGR 2019-2025.

Strong moats regarding highly technologically advanced products. Previous large investments into R&D have created high barriers to entry. Invisio’s products are market-leading in terms of patented technology and adaptation to military needs.

GSA-Status enabling further expected growth of 16% CAGR. With recently acquired GSA-status, Invisio is able to expedite the negotiation and order process in the US. GSA-status is expected to enable smaller clients and contractors to order Invisio’s products, hoping to even out order book volatility and size.

Increasing demand from underdeveloped countries. Asia, Middle East and South America are new potential markets where Invisio’s products have started to yield traction and are expected to be 40 MSEK in total 2025 as technology lags behind in these areas.

Growing demand on inter-connected communication systems. Invisio’s intercom system have been developed upon request by US military. Invisio landed their first order in Q1 of 2019. Intercom systems have been estimated to compose 11 % of total sales 2025.

Strong management and sales organization. With a longstanding management group and large investments into an effective sales organization with multiple offices around the world, Invisio is aligned for further success due to their ability to effectively win large public purchase negotiations.

ANALYSTS: Alice Rosberg Kronholm & Marcus von Schéele