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LINC R&A: Fundamental Analysis, Equity Research, M&A & Trading and Quantitative Research

With more than 40 student analysts, LINC R&A’s purpose is to provide the most ambitious students at Lund University with the adequate tools, a network, and the right skillset to break into the field of finance. During any given day of the semester, you will find several of our analysts in LINC’s Bloomberg Finance Lab, which is one of the largest within the Nordics.

Semester 1: In your first semester in the Research & Analysis program, you will join the Fundamental Analysis team. Here, you will learn the basics of analyzing stocks and understanding valuation methods in finance. The semester includes interactive lectures, challenging homework, and ends with creating and presenting a stock pitch. For those who enjoy math and finance, the Trading and Quantitative Research track might be the right fit, offering a deeper dive into numerical analysis within the financial field.

Semester 2: Building on your knowledge from the FA program, you will choose between continuing with Equity Research or exploring Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Each path offers different learning opportunities, allowing you to shape your education according to your career goals.

Fundamental Analysis

If you’re eager to grasp the fundamentals of business analysis, understand stocks, and valuation methods, Fundamental Analysis is the perfect starting point.

Equity Research or M&A

The Equity Research team is aimed towards students that possess an interest in stocks and investing. In M&A, you will delve into what makes a company an attractive acquisition target.

Trading and Quantitative Research

What is high-frequency trading? What is risk management? Learn more about a quantitative career in finance.

Why should you join?

R&A is a unique offering within LINC that aims toward educating the most ambitious students at Lund University within the field of finance. R&A acts as a complement to the academic approach taught by the university. Thus, R&A teaches the analysts how to apply theoretical concepts in a practical environment, and enables them to learn key skills applicable in finance that are not taught by their study discipline. In-part due to the knowledge gained through R&A, previous analysts have received offers from prestigious firms like Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, ABG Sundal Collier, BNP Paribas, Nomura, SEB, Nordea and more.

Jacob Grimbrandt

Head of Research & Analysis

Applications are now closed.

Applications opens in August 2024 for both Fundamental Analysis & Trading and Quantitative Research.

To get in contact with us, feel free to come down to LINC’s Bloomberg Finance Lab, as there will almost all of the time be members of R&A in the lab that are willing to answer any questions you might have. You find the lab in the lower level of the main building of the School of Economics and Management at Lund University (Tycho Brahes väg 1, 223 63 Lund) – alternatively, feel free to send an e-mail to for any questions.

Software applied in our research

Recently Published R&A Reports

Systematic Drivers

In this investigation conducted with OQAM, the analysts Jaroslavs Grigoluns, Merriea Mathew, and Elliot Koujaharov Sjögren, analysed which factors drive the spread differences of bonds issued in both EUR and SEK. By examining a large number of both company-specific and macroeconomic features with different machine learning methods, the project distilled the most influential contributions to the historical spreads.

Kabe Group

In this equity research report, analysts Cheng-Tao Lee and Linn Elderot take a closer look at Kabe Group, the market leader in Sweden for caravans and motorhomes.


In this equity research report, analysts Axel Rennmark and Alexandra Zemtsovski present an analysis of Bouvet, a Norwegian IT consultancy with a long track record of growth and customer satisfaction. With a growing sustainability trend, Bouvet stands poised to continue its growth record. The decreased dependency on sub-consultants allows for a projected 2.5 percentage point EBITDA-margin expansion until 2026E. The target price of 78.1 NOK is based on an equally weighted DCF and peer valuation and implies an upside of 20.5%


In this equity research report, analysts Emil Sköldberg and Fredrik Sölveland take a closer look at Nilfisk, a world-leading provider of professional cleaning equipment. Nilfisk is poised to enhance its service-oriented business model and target new markets, with a target price of 25.8 EUR implied through an equally weighted DCF and peer valuation, indicating a potential upside of 33.6% by 2025E.