Research & Analysis

LINC Research & Analysis (R&A) is the group within LINC that provides our members with the in-depth practical knowledge required to perform quality equity research, quantitative research, and financial analysis. The group consists of 40-50 student analysts each semester. As an analyst, you have different tasks depending on what team you choose, equity, financial or quantitative. One can expect to write equity research reports, produce pitch books, and in the quantitative team, reports on trading strategies.

To make sure all our analysts are well-prepared, we require everyone involved to attend lectures and seminars focused around what you need to know to become a great analyst. Further, beyond just learning the central concepts of investing, our R&A analysts also get the opportunity to meet prominent LINC Alumni and other professionals active in the industry today.

LINC R&A collaborates with Analyst Group, a newly founded Stockholm based Equity Research firm with a focus on small-cap stocks. For more information, please visit

For the 2022-2023 schoolyear, the R&A Team is led by Oscar Petersson. For more information, contact Oscar at


Do you want the opportunity to network with representatives from top firms in the finance industry as well as develop your problem solving and stress management skills?

The Event Committee lead, plan and execute all events arranged by LINC, and because of this it plays an essential role for the entire society. The academic year starts with LINC’s most popular event, Investment Banking Forum, which is held on a yearly basis at the end of September. At this event, top tier investment banks come with their recruitment teams and look for suitable candidates, which makes an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career within Investment Banking. Beside this event, the committee arrange two other major career-focused events during the year, Transaction Advisory Forum and Women Business Conference. These events constitute a large part of the invaluable networking possibilities that LINC offers its members and is therefore an integral part of the society. As a member of The Event Committee, these events and many others will test and enhance your problem solving and stress management skills, all while giving you the opportunity to meet with representatives from some of the top firms in the finance sector.

If you are interested in being a part of the event committee or have any other questions regarding our events, please feel free to contact Head of Event Benjamin Middleton at

External Partnerships

Are you interested in getting professional experience and interact directly with the very top firms of the finance sector?

The External Partnerships Committee’s main purpose is to build new and maintain current relationships with our external collaboration partners. The work of this committee is of outmost importance for the society as its main responsibility is to ensure that top firms in the finance industry are interested in attending our events and sponsor LINC. Luckily, our members are some of the most hard-working, ambitious and well-educated students at Lund University and because of this we are able to deliver great value and professionalism. The committee constantly look for new recruits and what we look for is people with excellent communication skills, commitment and a big interest in finance. As a reward for your efforts in this committee, you will get access to an invaluable network, something that has served as a bridge between the university and investment banking jobs for many of our previous members.

For the 2022/2023 School year, the External Partnerships Committee is led by Oscar Wennberg. For more information, please contact Oscar at

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication Committee make sure that information and updates about LINC and upcoming events reach our members. Through a wide range of different communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Posters and Membership Letters, the committee attracts new members as well as make sure that old members are well informed and up-to-speed on what is happening in the organization.

By constantly developing the image of LINC, we are able to communicate an organization in the forefront, something that is greatly appreciated by both sponsors and LINC´s alumni network. Being a part of the Marketing & Communication Committee is a great way to gain valuable marketing skills, something that will be of great value when talking to future employers.

For the 2022/2023 school year, the Marketing & Communications Committee is led by Kajsa Persson.

For more information please contact Kajsa at

Education & Career Preparation

At the core of Career Preparation lies the tutoring program, which aims to help students pursue prestigious investment banking internships. The program was initiated 2015 with great success and this year the program has an even more meticulous structure and an array of new strategies to create suitable candidates. The Career Preparation committee consists of senior LINC members with previous investment banking experience and the main goal is to help junior members in their endeavors.

The committee aims to prepare LINCs members for a career in investment banking by offering courses in Bloomberg, Excel, VBA and Financial Modeling as well as interview preperation. The practical knowledge provided by these courses are highly appreciated, both by students and companies. Those responsible for the education seminars possess great knowledge of the aforementioned subjects, and as a reward for their efforts they receive outstanding recommendations from LINC, something that has proven to be a valuable asset when demonstrating skills and interest to employers.

If your goal is to break into investment banking, LINCs Career Preparation committee will provide you with both the tools and the network to do so. If you have any questions regarding seminars or working as a tutor, please contact Head of Career Preparation Edvard Davidsson at

Female Network

Female Network enables women to pursue, get inspired, and develop their interest in finance. During the school year, we arrange guest lectures, networking events and banking tours with national and international top-firms. Women Business Conference in Lund and Female Banking Tour in Stockholm are our leading events. These events are excellent opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career within finance who want to expand their network of professionals.

Besides arranging events, Female Network aspires to increase the number of female students interested in finance. Therefore, we frequently update our social media with upcoming events and publish interviews with successful women from the industry. We aim to inspire female students and to prove what a career within finance implies.

What unifies Female Network is an interest in finance and a willingness to learn. Being a part of the committee develops your knowledge within finance while simultaneously giving you a chance to interact with like-minded students and expand your network of professionals.

For the 2022/2023 school year, Female Network is led by Petra Andsberg. Do not hesitate to contact us with any reflection, question or inquiry at


LINC-STEM’s role within LINC is to provide all our members, especially those within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics the knowledge to take the step into finance. With the ever-progressing world of technology, students with these key technical skills are heavily sought after and this committee will provide you with both the tools and the network to establish a connection with a suitable employer.

The committee furthermore aims to prepare LINC members with the valuable skills of coding and other technical analysis offering workshops in Python and the operation of Bloomberg Terminal with appropriate software. As a summer intern at a number of reputable banks, each student must attend a compulsory day of coding as part of their placement. The practical knowledge provided by these courses are thus highly appreciated, both by students and employees.

For the 2022/2023 school year, LINC-STEM is led by Michal Nowak. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at