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Female Network  enables women to pursue, get inspired, and develop their interest in finance. During the school year, we arrange guest lectures, networking events and banking tours with national and international top-firms. Women Business Conference in Lund and Female Banking Tour in Stockholm are our leading events. These events are excellent opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career within finance who want to expand their network of professionals.

Besides arranging events, Female Network aspires to increase the number of female students interested in finance. Therefore, we frequently update our social media with upcoming events and publish interviews with successful women from the industry. We aim to inspire female students and to prove what a career within finance implies.

What unifies Female Network is an interest in finance and a willingness to learn. Being a part of the committee develops your knowledge within finance while simultaneously giving you a chance to interact with like-minded students and expand your network of professionals.

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Women Business Conference

Guest Lecture – Annika Winsth

Female Banking Tour

Case Solving with KPMG

Who are we?

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Linda and I’m currently studying International Business for the second semester. Growing up, there has always been family members and relatives who were either working in finance or were trading as a hobby, so I have been exposed to finance from a young age. However, it wasn’t until last year that I discovered my own interest for finance and decided that it could really be something I want to pursue. Having also considered marketing as a potential career path, this position in Female Network was the perfect combination of both that offers a great opportunity to learn more about finance and marketing, as well as to meet other like-minded students.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance as a career path offers countless of opportunities to learn and grow, due to the diversity of the field and is a great choice if one is aiming for an international career. You never know for certain what is happening in the markets a year or even a month from now, which is what makes it is a constant learning process. Moreover, one can expect to acquire great analytical skills in the journey. It might be demanding, but having completed the tasks and overcome the obstacles, it makes one feel like a winner.

Linda Huang – Marketing Coordinator
Elsa Adolfson – Relationship coordinator

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Elsa and I am currently on my third semester of bachelor’s in Business and Economics. So far, I believe that many females have not yet considered finance as a potential career option, which might be due to a non-sufficient exposure to finance in their everyday lives. The importance of introducing and educating females about finance and deepening my own knowledge within the field were the main reasons why I joined Female Network.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

The passion, dedication and a keen eye for details are characteristics that I love about finance. It reminds me of dressage, and of all the years I spent analysing and training before competing in the Swedish Championships. There are always challenges and you will never stop learning because there is going to be a new company or industry to dive into at all times. Therefore, it means that there will always be room for self-development and growth. And last but not least – you are never better than your latest trade!

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Jessica and I am studying the bachelor’s programme in International Business. I am always eager to learn new things and won’t pass an opportunity to put theory into practice. After several years of investing on my own, I decided to join Female Network to pursue my passion for finance. I hope to expand my knowledge and experience within finance, as well as inspire other young women to take the leap into the field.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance is challenging yet extremely rewarding. Considering the abundance of different parts that the broad field of finance consists of, there is always more to learn! Personally, I am especially interested in fundamental analysis and valuations, where I can use my analytical skills and work with both qualitative and quantitative data.

Jessica Paulsson – Event Coordinator

Female Network Magazine

The first ever issue of Female Network Magazine will be released on September 24th. Stay tuned!

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