Welcome to LINC

Welcome to LINC

Drive, passion for finance and a willingness to learn

About LINC

Founded in 1991, LINC quickly became the primary organization for students interested in finance at Lund University. Through career guidance, practical training, events and field trips, LINC aims to support...


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Research & Analysis reports

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Veteranpoolen (VPAB)

In this equity research report, Adam Andre and August Winzell take a closer look at Veteranpoolen (VPAB), a senior staffing company operating in Sweden. The analysts estimate that Veteranpoolens decentralized business model, key investments in digital solutions will lead to operating leverage and that the expansion into new market segments will pave the way for a net sales CAGR of 12.5% between 2021A-2023E.
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Zinzino (ZZ B)

In this equity research report, analysts Carl Viktor Wümer and Sebastian Wester take a closer look at the Swedish dietary supplement company Zinzino (ZZ B). The analysts estimate a revenue CAGR of 13.7% between 2021A-2023E, largely driven by Zinzino's ability to expand to new submarkets through its efficient direct selling business model.
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Desenio Group (DSNO)

In this financial analysis report, analysts Noak Neuvonen and Ture Eknor take a closer look at Swedish online wall-art company Desenio Group (DSNO). The analysts estimate a revenue CAGR of 9.0% in 2021A – 2023E due to geographical expansion and increased interest in online, affordable art.
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