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Female Network enables women to pursue, get inspired, and develop their interest in finance. During the school year, we arrange guest lectures, networking events and banking tours with national and international top-firms. Women Business Conference in Lund and Female Banking Tour in Stockholm are our leading events. These events are excellent opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career within finance who want to expand their network of professionals.

Besides arranging events, Female Network aspires to increase the number of female students interested in finance. Therefore, we frequently update our social media with upcoming events and publish interviews with successful women from the industry. We aim to inspire female students and to prove what a career within finance implies.

What unifies Female Network is an interest in finance and a willingness to learn. Being a part of the committee develops your knowledge within finance while simultaneously giving you a chance to interact with like-minded students and expand your network of professionals.

Upcoming event

Here you will find our events for the upcoming semester! Each year Female Network takes great pride in supplying educational events for the Female members of LINC. This to prepper for a career within the industry as well as supply an open environment were the main goal is to gain skills and knowledge that may be required in the future.

This upcoming year we will inclued a fundamenta analysis series, a workshop for Bloomberg and stock talks among other events. Follow us on social media or check below for updates.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our previous events

WBC – Women Business Conference

The WBC is a yearly event hosted by Female Network where ambitious female students get the chance to meet representatives from some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the Nordic region.

Guest Lecture – Annika Winsth

Each semester, Female Network hols multiple guest lectures that aim to inspire female students towards a career in finance.

FBT – Female Banking Tour

Each year Female Network host a tour to Stockholm were ambitious student gets the chance to meet prompting firms and banks on sight. A typical visit includes a short company presentation, a tour of the office and trading floors, hints and tips about the industry and application processes and meeting representatives across different divisions.

Case Solving with KPMG

A significant part of being interested in finance is the case solving. This is where you get the opportunity to venture your thoughts on a company. Here you learn a great deal on financials, company drivers as well as possible outcome.

The committee

The committee of Female Network is reselected each year and during the executive year, additional positions may be available. Read more below on the committee of 20/21.

  • Head of Female Network – Alexandra Stertman
  • Vice Head of Female Network – Jessica Paulsson
  • Event coordinator – Emily May
  • Marketing coordinator – Linda Huang
  • Relationship Coordinator – Elsa Adolfsson
  • Editor in Chief, Female Network Magazine – Isabella Larsson


Applications are now closed and will re-open again next semester.

If you have any questions, please come by the LINC lab or send us an email.

Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Alexandra Stertman, and I am the current Head of Female Network. I’m pursuing a BSc in Business administration and Economics and I’m currently in my fourth semester. 

I joined LINC and Female Network to elaborate on my interest in stocks. Little did I know there was so much more to finance than just trying to choose the winning portfolio. I started with a few basic lectures where I met so many inspiring women which sparked my interest. I then joined LINC’s R&A team, where I got a more profound knowledge and a solid foundation within equity research. Taking part in FBT and meeting women on a day to day basis, a bit intimidated by the male dominance, left me nothing but eager to join Female Network and to further the work of equality within the finance industry. I think that it’s of great importance to encourage women who want to pursue a career within finance, and to now have the opportunity to inspire leave no days without excitement. Female Network’s success in the past is a testament to previously dedicated and hard-working women which we plane to evolve and elaborate on these upcoming semesters.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance to me is an in-depth knowledge of company structure, drivers and macro analysis. One gets to dive in deep into company history, goals and macro events. It allows you to elaborate on thoughts and argue the pros and cons of different investment strategies. Finance is a broad field, with countless opportunities where I believe you can not only learn a great deal about the world itself but the inner workings of individual companies. It’s an exciting career path because it leaves the opportunity to evolve as well as learn and if you have an interest within the industry, Female Network is a great place to start!

Alexandra Stertman, Head of Female Network
Jessica Paulsson, Vice Head of Female Network

Vice Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Jessica and I am studying the bachelor’s programme in International Business. I am always eager to learn new things and won’t pass an opportunity to put theory into practice. After several years of investing on my own, I decided to join Female Network to pursue my passion for finance. I hope to expand my knowledge and experience within finance, as well as inspire other young women to take the leap into the field.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance is challenging yet extremely rewarding. Considering the abundance of different parts that the broad field of finance consists of, there is always more to learn! Personally, I am especially interested in fundamental analysis and valuations, where I can use my analytical skills and work with both qualitative and quantitative data.


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Linda and I’m currently studying International Business in the second semester. Growing up, there have always been family members and relatives who were either working in finance or were trading as a hobby, so I have been exposed to finance from a young age. However, it wasn’t until last year that I discovered my own interest for finance and decided that it could really be something I want to pursue. Having also considered marketing as a potential career path, this position in Female Network was the perfect combination of both that offers a great opportunity to learn more about finance and marketing, as well as to meet other like-minded students.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance as a career path offers countless of opportunities to learn and grow, due to the diversity of the field and is a great choice if one is aiming for an international career. You never know for certain what is happening in the markets a year or even a month from now, which is what makes it is a constant learning process. Moreover, one can expect to acquire great analytical skills in the journey. It might be demanding, but having completed the tasks and overcome the obstacles, it makes one feel like a winner.

Linda Huang, Marketing Coordinator
Elsa Adolfson, Relationship Coordinator

External partnership

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Elsa and I am currently in my third semester of the bachelor’s in Business and Economics. So far, I believe that many females have not yet considered finance as a potential career option, which might be due to a non-sufficient exposure to finance in their everyday lives. The importance of introducing and educating females about finance and deepening my own knowledge within the field were the main reasons why I joined Female Network.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

The passion, dedication and a keen eye for details are characteristics that I love about finance. It reminds me of dressage, and of all the years I spent analysing and training before competing in the Swedish Championships. There are always challenges and you will never stop learning because there is going to be a new company or industry to dive into at all times. Therefore, it means that there will always be room for self-development and growth. And last but not least – you are never better than your latest trade!


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Emily and I am in my first semester of the master’s programme in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development. I originally joined LINC to expand my knowledge in finance and to get together with like-minded, driven students, but I was quickly interested in  Female Network in particular. I loved the idea of being part of a network that is encouraging women to pursue a career in finance, and I was drawn to this community where women support each other to achieve their career goals in an industry which is still very male-dominated.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

What I love about finance is the fast-paced environment in which you never stop learning. To me, it feels like every time I think I have fully understood something, there is another aspect that is unknown – which is challenging but also quite fascinating! Finance is such a broad area, and there are countless opportunities for people with many different skill sets and passions.

Emily May, Event Coordinator
Isabella Larsson, Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief, Female Network Magazine

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Isabella and I’m studying the bachelor’s programme in International Business. Being surrounded by and talking to like-minded people is one of the reasons I joined the Female Network. I have focused merely on active trading in the last few years but am currently transitioning to a rather long-term strategy. Surrounding myself by other finance interested people lets me challenge myself as well as being inspired. The second reason I joined the Female Network is because of the lack of women within the field. I believe many women have a picture of the industry that is simply not true to reality but it is keeping them away from even considering a career in finance. It is time for women to have their prejudices challenged and that is where I think the Female Network does a great job for the students in Lund.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Finance is an ongoing challenge and a constant reminder that one still has a lot left to learn. It is fun and exciting because of the countless numbers of external factors one can only adapt to and not really do anything about. Your hands are tied, but you are free to move; however, you want with your feet. You will see that whichever direction you choose to move towards, you will either find a return to collect, or you will have gained great knowledge for your future moves. No matter what, you will always win, and to me, that is the beauty of it and why I want to pursue a career in finance.

If you want to learn more about what our Editor-in-Chief dose, check out our magazine!

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Do not hesitate to contact us with any reflection, question or inquiry at femalenetwork@linclund.com.