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Female Network enables women to pursue, get inspired, and develop their interest in finance. During the school year, we arrange guest lectures, networking events and banking tours with national and international top-firms. Women Business Conference in Lund and Female Banking Tour in Stockholm are our leading events. These events are excellent opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career within finance who want to expand their network of professionals.

Besides arranging events, Female Network aspires to increase the number of female students interested in finance. Therefore, we frequently update our social media with upcoming events and publish interviews with successful women from the industry. We aim to inspire female students and to prove what a career within finance implies.

What unifies Female Network is an interest in finance and a willingness to learn. Being a part of the committee develops your knowledge within finance while simultaneously giving you a chance to interact with like-minded students and expand your network of professionals.

Upcoming event

Here you will find our events for the upcoming semester! Each year Female Network takes great pride in supplying educational events for the Female members of LINC. This to prepper for a career within the industry as well as supply an open environment were the main goal is to gain skills and knowledge that may be required in the future.

This upcoming year we will include a fundamental analysis series, a workshop for Bloomberg and stock talks among other events. Follow us on social media or check below for updates.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our previous events

WBC – Women Business Conference

The WBC is a yearly event hosted by Female Network where ambitious female students get the chance to meet representatives from some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the Nordic region.

Guest Lecture – Annika Winsth

Each semester, Female Network hols multiple guest lectures that aim to inspire female students towards a career in finance.

FBT – Female Banking Tour

Each year Female Network host a tour to Stockholm were ambitious student gets the chance to meet prompting firms and banks on sight. A typical visit includes a short company presentation, a tour of the office and trading floors, hints and tips about the industry and application processes and meeting representatives across different divisions.

Case Solving with KPMG

A significant part of being interested in finance is the case solving. This is where you get the opportunity to venture your thoughts on a company. Here you learn a great deal on financials, company drivers as well as possible outcome.

The committee

The committee of Female Network is reselected each year and during the executive year, additional positions may be available. Read more below on the committee of 22/23.

  • Head of Female Network – Petra Andsberg
  • Vice Head of Female Network – Noor Faour
  • Event coordinator – Dafina Shehu
  • Marketing Ccoordinator – Layal Sibai
  • Relationship Coordinator – Emilia Jensen


Applications are now closed and will re-open again next semester.

If you have any questions, please come by the LINC lab or send us an email.

Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Petra Andsberg and I am 20 years old. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Thanks to my mixed parentage and studies I have spent most of my life in an international setting. After secondary school, I worked and traveled for a year, following which I moved to Lund to pursue a Bachelor’s in International Business. I initially joined LINC to expand my financial knowledge and belong to a society of motivated students. I was quickly drawn to Female Network due to its goal and message.  I feel honoured to fill the position of head since I get to work towards something meaningful together with a committee that inspires me with their own passion and drive for what they do. 

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Firstly, finance is a vast network of many diverse career paths ranging from investment banking to auditing, making it easy to discover something that interests you. ​​A career in finance will help refine your strengths, increase your adaptability, bolster your work ethic and ensure you’re constantly stimulated. You’ll grow as a person and a professional, reaping the rewards both now and later in your career. 

Petra Andsberg, Head of Female Network
Noor Faour Vice Head of Female Network

Vice Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Noor Faour and I am a 19 year old who is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Economy and Society at LUSEM. I have always had a passion for economics and trading stocks ever since I was in highschool. When I started university, I found out about LINC and it immediately sparked my interest to get involved and learn more about the financial industry, due to my great interest in investing. A lot of my relatives have previously pursued a degree in finance that also inspired me to get involved. However, the reason why I particularly joined Female Network is because I love working with like minded people, who are also passionate about finance and are looking forward to encourage more women to pursue a career within a male dominated industry.

Why is finance an interesting career path?

The finance industry is a fascinating career path for me because it is an overly broad branch that opens several opportunities for you in the future. It is evident that the financial industry is currently expanding and is renowned for being a career that is international and opens a lot of doors career wise, especially if you are passionate about working in an international sphere. Moreover, I am the type of person who loves experiencing challenges on the daily, in which finance is the perfect career that suits my compatibility. 


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Layal Sibai, 23 year old and currently pursuing a dual Bachelor’s degree in business law and business administration. While studying you can learn a lot about finance however the insights to several financial sectors, companies, and career opportunities could be very limited. When I was introduced to linc I realized that joining such a society would be the perfect complement to what knowledge my studies could offer especially when it comes to expanding my network. Adding to all the benefits Linc as a society offers, I am happy to be part of the female committee in particular to hopefully somehow be part of the change in the huge outflow of women, and their complications to stay into finance. Women should be promoted and occupy top positions based on ability. As a marketing coordinator I think I have a responsibility this year to promote the world of finance among more females to make that happen in the future. 

Why is finance an interesting career path?

I do believe that whatever career one chooses should also make them grow on a personal level as well. Finance and its fast-paced environment always urges you to step out of your comfort zone. It shows a different way of seeing and dealing with stress which will ultimately help you when you are in strenuous situations. The financial industry is continuously growing and evolving. Even though parts of finance may become obsolete due to technological developments, the entire industry can never disappear due to its import.

Layal Sibai, Marketing Coordinator
Maguette Fall, Relationship Coordinator

External partnership

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Maguette and I am studying a double bachelor in development studies and economics. I first got interested in finance back in high school when my dad introduced me to options and stocks. I pursued it as an interest on the side but never really had any incentive to join LINC. My friend introduced me to Female Network and I got hooked instantly. The idea of working with ambitious and strong women with a purpose of reducing the gender gap in finance sounded very appealing to me. 

Why is finance an interesting career path?

I am a person that likes to learn new things and challenge myself. The finance industry is fast paced, presents many challenges and gives possibilities for personal growth which is why I think that it is an interesting career path. Furthermore, finance is such an important element of a country’s development and learning how the industry works is one of my personal interests to why I want to work within finance. 


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Dafina Shehu and I am a Computer Science and Engineering student at Lunds Tekniska Högskola. My passion for tech grew stronger due to it being a male-dominated industry, it inspired me to work harder and strive to prove myself through knowledge and competence. When I first heard of Female Network I was very delighted to find this committee of strong, passionate and driven women and knew immediately that it was something I wanted to be part of. My greatest joy and goal in being part of this committee is not only to recruit girls but also to support them to work hard to succeed in the male-dominated finance world. 

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Since I heard about Linc I’ve been very open and curious about finance and what career options there are within finance. Personally, I find data analytics and quantitative analytics very interesting but I am currently exploring the different fields within finance and what would work for me in the future. 

Dafina Shehu, Event Coordinator

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