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About us

Female Network’s aim is to inspire more women to pursue a career within finance. During the school year, we arrange guest lectures, networking events and banking tours with national and international top-firms. Women Business Conference in Lund and Female Banking Tour in Stockholm are our biggest, recurring events. These provide excellent opportunities for women interested in the finance industry and are great forums to expand their professional networks.

Besides arranging events, Female Network aspires to increase the number of female students interested in finance. Therefore, we frequently update our social media with upcoming events and publish other motivating and relevant information. We aim to inspire female students and show what a career within finance could imply.

What unifies Female Network is an interest in finance and a willingness to learn, as well as a motivation to challenge the norms within the industry. Being a part of the network develops your knowledge while simultaneously giving you a chance to interact with like-minded students and expand your network!

Our Reoccuring Events

WBC – Women Business Conference

The WBC is a yearly event hosted by Female Network where ambitious female students get the chance to meet representatives from some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the Nordic region.

FFP – Female Finance Programme

The Female Finance Program is a collaboration between three of LINC’s committees: Female Network, Research & Analysis and Career Preparation, and is aimed towards female students interested in getting a deeper insight into the world of finance. The program will give all participants a deeper insight into what LINC does, how to best prepare for interviews and a basic understanding of financial analysis. What makes FFP unique is the community it creates.

FBT – Female Banking Tour

Each year Female Network hosts a tour to Stockholm where ambitious students get the chance to meet prominent firms and banks on site. A typical visit includes a short company presentation, a tour of the office and trading floors, advice and tips about the industry, application processes as well as the chance to meet and network with representatives across different divisions.

The committee for 2024/2025

The committee of Female Network is reselected each year and during the executive year, additional positions may be available. Read more below on the committee of 24/25.

  • Head of Female Network – Emily Elkaneva
  • Vice Head of Female Network – Olga Karasek
  • Event coordinator – Tea Nedelkovska
  • Marketing Ccoordinator – Nadima Abdul Wahab
  • Relationship Coordinator – Engla Wigstrand


Applications are now closed and will re-open again next semester.

If you have any questions, please come by the LINC lab or send us an email.

Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Emilia Jensen, and I am currently in my second year of the Ekonomie kandidatprogram. I was born and raised in Finland but moved to Lund to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as I consider myself a sociable person. I also have a deep appreciation for good food and spending time on the slopes. Initially, I joined LINC and Female Network to participate in one of their banking tours, and I immediately became captivated. Holding the current position of Head, I ́m honored and grateful to continue supporting and engaging girls in their journeys. I feel both happy and excited about the future since I am certain that Female Network will continue to go from strength to strength.

What tips would you give girls wanting to get started in finance?

The community Female Network offers is truly exceptional, creating a safe and supportive space for women interested in exploring their passions within the field, and I strongly believe it to be the perfect place to start out. We do not require any pre-knowledge, finance is a varying field and different people fit in different roles. If you believe yourself to thrive in an ambitious environment, and you possess analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and numerical or analytical skills, I believe finance is worth a try. You do yourself a favor by trying out different options, and when it comes to finance, LINC and Female Network offer both the tools and the network to really get going.

Emilia Jensen, Head of Female Network
Anna Salamon, Vice Head of Female Network

Vice Head of Female Network

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Anna Salamon and I am an outgoing and joyful young woman with high aspirations. The reason I joined Female Network was the opportunity to meet, support, and get supported by other ambitious, curious, hard-working, and inspiring women. I am thrilled to be a part of this great committee!

Why is finance an interesting career path?

Studying business and economics, I have particularly enjoyed courses in finance and quantitative subjects. This, in combination with being intrigued by the work environment with motivated and curious people where I can learn from others, where I am challenged to solve problems, and where my creativity is useful, sparked my interest in the financial industry. I am particularly passionate about contributing to making the male-dominated industry more diverse. That being said, I am still exploring the different fields within the industry to find what would suit me personally.


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Tilda Guldstrand and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. I joined LINC to broaden my understanding and gain deeper insights into the financial industry. Initially, my journey in LINC began by attending events organized by Female Network, which piqued my interest in finance. The motivation and inspiration I derived from these events encouraged me to become a part of Female Network and contribute to the empowerment of other women in finance. This year, as the Marketing Coordinator, my focus is on promoting a career within finance and increasing female participation by enlightening and encouraging more women to explore the world of finance.

What are you looking forward to most as the Marketing Coordinator of Female Network?

As the Marketing Coordinator, I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Female Network. I am eager to utilize my role in the committee to raise awareness about the options available, inspire more women to pursue a career in finance, and increase the confidence among females interested in the industry. In this regard, I am particularly looking forward to all the planned events, including Female Banking Tour, Women Business Conference, and Female Finance Programme. Through these events, we hope to create a strong network of ambitious women and opportunities to gain valuable resources and support to make everyone feel confident and equipped to navigate the finance industry.

Tilda Guldstrand, Marketing Coordinator
Moa Nilsson, Relationship Coordinator

External partnership

Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Moa Nilsson and I am the External Communications Coordinator for Female Network for 23/24. Currently, I am pursuing my final semester in the Bachelor’s program in Business and Economics, and this fall, I am going to start my Master’s in International Strategic Management here in Lund. I have always enjoyed finance-related courses and decided to specialize in corporate finance this semester. During the corporate finance course, and after a couple of guest lectures, I realized that finance was something I wanted to learn more about and work with in some way. That is when I joined LINC and eventually applied to Female Network. Female Network seemed like a welcoming first step into the world of finance, providing fantastic opportunities to get to know the industry, develop my knowledge within finance, and meet new like-minded friends. Now I wish I had joined LINC sooner!

Why is finance an interesting career path?

I find finance to be an intriguing career choice as it offers both challenges and opportunities for professional and personal growth. I appreciate the diverse range of career possibilities within finance and the importance of understanding both a company’s operations as well as its operations in relation to society. Furthermore, finance requires a combination of analytical and social skills, which I find enjoyable and suitable for me on a personal level.


Who are you and why did you join Female Network?

My name is Eryka Wojcieszek and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics. Today, I’m the Event Coordinator for Female Network 23/24. My interest in finance began to grow during my studies and has since then always been something I wanted to learn more about. However, the courses that I’ve taken are very limited, and that’s why I’ve found LINC very interesting and rewarding. When I first heard about Female Network, I was immediately drawn to its mission of empowering women and providing a platform for knowledge-sharing and support. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to not only expand my understanding of finance but also connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and goals.

What are you most looking forward to during your time in Female Network?

As an event coordinator, I look forward to creating valuable and memorable events for our members. My vision is that everyone attending our events not only gains knowledge but also gets a genuine interest in finance. I hope that our events inspire more women to choose a career in finance. In this regard, I eagerly anticipate our upcoming events, including Female Banking Tour and Women Business Conference, and hope to see you all there!

Eryka Wojcieszek, Event Coordinator

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