Tutor Programme

We will help you with preparation for:

• Which target banks to apply to
• CV & Cover Letter
• Psychometric tests (analytical, verbal and logical tests)
• Interviews
• Assessment Centers
• What to expect on your Spring Week or Internship
• How to prepare for your Spring Week or Internship

About the tutor programme

Then don’t miss the opportunity to apply for LINC Tutoring Programme! Maximize your chances of getting a sought-after Spring Week, Summer Internship or Full-time position at investment banks in London, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

LINC Tutoring Programme aims to help guide you through the application processes and increase your chances of breaking into investment banking. Through the Programme, you will receive advice throughout the entire application process from senior LINC members with previous experiences from internships.

The biggest killer of good applications is inconsistency and a late start. Our detailed methodology walks you through the process and makes sure you do exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it. In most cases, investment banks tend to start their graduate/internship recruitment in September and the official application deadlines are stated to be around December. However, since most banks recruit on a rolling basis, the unofficial deadlines are much earlier. Applying after this stage is merely a waste of time. To avoid this spillage, LINC wants to be first in line in scoring internships for our members, thus maximizing the chances to get in by starting early.