Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions for Börsgruppen vid Lunds Universitet (“LINC”)

Published: 20th of January 2021

These Terms & Conditions are immediately put into action for new users and members and as of 20th of January 2021 for current users and members as well. These Terms & Conditions replace all earlier versions. Do you have any questions then please contact As a user of LINC’s products, you approve that we register, update and process personal and purchase information from our site, and your other activities at LINC. The aim of registering, updating and processing the information is to maintain a good customer and register maintenance. As a user and member, you have the rights to receive all the information regarding what personal information is processed by LINC, and you can at any time demand corrections of your personal data.

Scope and consent

These Terms & Conditions describe how we collect, use, save, share and protect your personal information. These apply to all related websites, applications, services and tools where there is a reference to these Terms & Conditions.

Some pages at LINC’s website contains links to websites associated with a third-party. Collection of personal information through these websites are the responsibility of the third-party.

Personal data manager

Bösgruppen vid Lunds Universitet, 845002-2259, Tycho Brahes väg 1, Box 7080, 223 63 Lund.

LINC is responsible for processing your personal information and providing you with the services of a user and member.

Information/data that we collect

LINC collects and processes information with the aim of being able to, e.g., analyze development opportunities. It mainly concerns:

  • Purchase history regarding our products.
  • Email so that we can contact the member of the organization.

If you become a member of our organization, then you approve to share your personal information and consent that the information may be transferred and stored at our servers in Sweden.

Information that we collect by default

When you visit our websites, receive our emails, use our services or clicks on one of our adds, we collect information. This information can include, e.g., the unit’s unique identifier and geographic location.

Information that you provide to us

We collect and save such information that you provide to us when you become a member of LINC and attend events, make purchases or similar acts. This information consists of, for instance:

  • Information you provide when becoming a member.
  • Information you provide via social media.
  • Purchase information and other information you provide when purchasing a product.
  • Information that you provide when signing up for an event.

Information we collect from other sources

We may collect complementary information from a third-party, e.g., the number of sign-ups for an event with a third-party.

Use of personal data

By approving these Terms & Conditions, you accept that we may use your personal information to:

  • Prevent, detect and investigate fraud and security incidents.
  • Adjust, measure and improve our services, content and advertisement.
  • Contact you, either by email or by social media.

Terminate our use of your personal information

If you no longer want to be a member of LINC, you terminate your membership by sending an email to, in which you highlight that you no longer wish to be a member of the organization.

Sharing of personal information

  • The third-party who you have approved we can send your information to (or such other third-party which you approved and consented of for the usage of a specific service).
  • Supervisory authority, police authority, or other appropriate third-parties, to answer questions in connection with a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity.
  • We can transfer and process your customer information anywhere in the world where we maintain data processing. We always provide an adequate protection level for customer information, even if GDPR does not cover the prevailing country.

Access, review and change of your personal information

You may change your personal information by emailing us at If you want to know what personal information or data we have collected around you, please contact us at

Your rights

You have the right to, among other things, access, correct, limit, object, delete and data portability. Please contact us if you want to exercise any of these rights. If you request access to all personal information, then we will request identification.