R&A Teams

Fundamental Analysis

If you’re aiming to kickstart your journey in finance, understanding businesses, and analyzing stocks while honing your Excel and PowerPoint skills, Fundamental Analysis is the ideal starting point. This program provides ambitious students with foundational tools to excel in Corporate Finance, Equity Research, and Investment Banking. You’ll delve into financial modeling, accounting principles, and business valuation.

Semester 1.

Equity Research or M&A

In the Equity Research track, dive deeper into stocks, mastering financial statement modeling and advanced technical analysis. Prepare for careers in buy- or sell-side research, crafting comprehensive investment theses for equity research reports.

Alternatively, explore M&A, where you’ll construct pitch decks and analyze companies to understand why they make prime buyout candidates. Each path offers unique insights, aligning your education with your career aspirations in finance.

Semester 2.

Trading & Quantitative

How does a trading algorithm work? What is high-frequency trading? As there is a surge in demand for programming and quantitative skills in finance, this group aims towards students interested in quantitative and computational analysis of financial data. Ambitious students from all faculties are welcome, and no previous coding experience is required as material and workshops in Python will be offered for those in the team.

Semester 1.

Note that the TQR program only opens in the fall semester every year.