R&A Teams

Equity Research

The Equity Research team is aimed towards students that possess an interest in stocks and investing. The purpose of this team is to prepare its members for a career within Equity Research whether it is in buy- or sell-side research, i.e. at funds or banks. During your time as a student analyst in the Equity Research team, you will learn how to write and formulate extensive investment theses for equity research reports.

Financial Analysis

If you are looking to pursue a career within Corporate Finance/Investment banking, look no further! Financial Analysis is aimed to prepare and give ambitious students all the essential tools they need to increase their probability of success during both interviews and at the job. As an analyst, you will learn how to apply theoretical concepts within Corporate Finance into practice, and at the end of the term, you will have a better knowledge of everything from financial modelling and accounting to business valuation, all of which are essential if you want to be a successful investment banking analyst or intern.

Trading & Quantitative

How does a trading algorithm work? What is high-frequency trading? As there is a surge in demand for programming and quantitative skills in finance, this group aims towards students interested in quantitative and computational analysis of financial data. Ambitious students from all faculties are welcome, and no previous coding experience is required as material and workshops in Python will be offered for those in the team.