Investment Banking Forum

Former participating firms include

LINC’s biggest and most popular event is called Investment Banking Forum. Held on an annual basis in the last week of September, the event gives participating students a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the very top firms of the finance industry, visiting from London, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The ambitious students will interact with the firm representatives through workshops, case studies, a lunch break, mingle sessions, interviews and a three-course dinner.

The day starts off with a keynote speaker, followed by workshops. During the day there will also be a lunch break as well as multiple coffee breaks during which there is an opportunity to mingle with firm representatives. The day ends with a three-course dinner at Tegnérs Matsalar after which the nightlife of Lund awaits those who are interested.

Prior to the event, there will be an information meeting for the selected students where more information about the forum and the participating firms will be provided.

As a participant of IBF, you are required to attend during the whole day, including the information meeting.