Beginner Python Workshops HT21 Sign-up

The workshops will be hosted physically in the economics building every Monday and Wednesday starting on 13 September between 17.30 – 19.30, until 13 October. When you sign up you choose the day that works best for you so we can split the participants to keep smaller groups in accordance with current restrictions. See below for a detailed schedule. Your assigned day group, room and canvas access for the course will be provided by the 13th of September.


Monday 13 September, Wednesday 15 September 17.30-19.30: Python Basics

Monday 20 September, Wednesday 22 September 17.30-19.30: Introduction to Functions

Monday 27 September, Wednesday 29 September 17.30-19.30: Functions Continued

Monday 4 October, Wednesday 6 October 17.30-19.30: Data Analytics

Monday 11 October, Wednesday 13 October 17.30-19.30: Stock Analysis with Python

22 – 24 October: Take-home Exam

In case you think you will be missing more than a single workshop, please do not sign up for this semester as spots are limited.

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