Infrea (Pitch Deck)

Infrea (Pitch Deck)

In this company overview, analyst Lukas Forsman present a complete overview of the Swedish infrastructure services company Infrea. With its extensive service offering and expert execution, Infrea has established itself as the reliable and obvious contractor within the infrastructure construction sector. The current attractive position and promising outlook for Infrea attracts a broad set of strategic acquirers and financial sponsors. An indicative enterprise value interval of SEK 1.8-2.0 billion is derived from a meticulous and comprehensive valuation, using both relative and intrinsic valuation techniques.


  • Infrea is expected to capitalize on the growing infrastructure market, fueled by large government investments.
  • Focus on public customers and establishing strong relations results in stable recurring revenue.
  • With a comprehensive market-leading service offering, Infrea serve its customers through the whole construction process, from materials and planning to construction and maintenance

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