OQAM – Student position

OQAM – Student position

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OQAM is a value-driven quantitative asset management company with an open-minded and innovative culture. We have a genuine and passionate interest in finance, people, and technology. Our first product “ia” is a quantitative hedge fund.

We highly value being able to employ students and help them gain practical experience. We promise a steep learning curve and that you receive an important role at the
company. We are now looking for a student that wants to be a part of our growth journey.
Are you interested, apply here or visit www.oqam.se to read more.

What we offer

You will be part of a team with people who value sharing experiences and knowledge and who see work as an opportunity to grow both professionally and as human beings. The team consists of people that have experience from successfully managing large investment mandates, building software systems for the investment management industry as well as building and running asset management companies and student employees. Our office in Malmö is at a shared office space with a friendly atmosphere and with other interesting finance-related companies. This office is where you will work primarily. Flexibility is important for us and, for example during projects, we will always listen to what is most efficient for you to perform on your work.

You will be working closely with our COO/CFO having responsibilities in the daily and strategic business operations. The work will focus on projects and tasks related to:

  • Finance, accounting and regulatory reporting
  • Corporate governance, compliance and risk management
  • Legal
  • Organizational development
  • Sales and marketing

The position will also include work with our Middle Office team and running the function. Tasks are highly automated and involve:

  • Portfolio and trade reconciliation and administration
  • Risk analysis, risk reporting and risk- and compliance checks
  • NAV calculation and price checks
  • Monitoring of cash, security holdings and cash management

Who are you?

Apart from looking for a person who values what we offer, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn and who value getting hands-on experiences.

We truly appreciate applicants:

  • Being open-minded, curious and pragmatic
  • Studying Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Economics or Law (if enrolled at Faculty of Law, holding, or pursuing an Economics/Business degree)
  • Having at least two years left of their studies
  • Interested in approx. 10 hours work per week, including school’s winter and summer breaks. (Actual work hours may vary based on actual projects and your interests.)

In terms of skills, we are looking for students with an eye for details that have or are interested in earning qualities related to the focus area mentioned above. please note that we will highly value your personality, interest, curiosity and eagerness to learn.


If you are interested but have further questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to our COO, Jonas at ja@oqam.se or give him a call at +46703274023. You are also more than welcome to contact one of our current student employees, Sixten Hager at +46793480213 if you have any practical questions and you deem his input might be helpful.

Are you interested and have no further questions, please apply here or visit www.oqam.se. Apply before September 25, 2020

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